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10 SEP 2018

Essence of the logo

We spent quite a while on the logo for PySangamam owing to the fact that it reflects the image of the whole conference.

pysangamam logo

The idea was to bring 2 things that were quintessentially Tamil Nadu.

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6 SEP 2018

Checklist for attendees

Here is a checklist to help you out with your preparations for the conference. Please read through them carefully.

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5 SEP 2018

Python Software Foundation

PSF Logo

The mission of the Python Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the Python programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of Python programmers. The majority of the PSF’s work is focused on empowering and supporting people within the Python community. The PSF has active grant programs that support sprints, conferences, meet ups, user groups, and Python development efforts all over the world.

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4 SEP 2018

Workshops for PySangamam 2018

While the talks and posters are the main agenda of the conference, we do realize people would like to try things hands-on, by interacting with experts in the field. So, as part of PySangamam 2018, we have the following workshops scheduled.

  1. Computer Vision Through the Ages - Day 1, Afternoon
  2. Concurrent Programming in Python - Day 2, Forenoon
  3. Introduction to Pandas & Scaling Pandas for large Datasets - Day 2, Afternoon

Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 60 attendees. Attendees can sign up for the workshop during the registration process on Day 1. Please note that an attendee can take up only one workshop to ensure that there is a fair sharing of the available seats.

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29 AUG 2018

Posters Selected for PySangamam 2018

Here’s the list of posters we have finalized for the conference.

  1. WiFi Toy Car using MicroPython and MQTT
  2. Testing Embedded Systems with RobotFramework
  3. Python for Building Embedded Linux Distribution
  4. A Hand Rehabilitation Exercise System for People With Stroke (HandREPS)
  5. Python Real Time Web
  6. Developing Technology for People with Special Needs using Python
  7. How I Learnt Python and went on to Create an Application, in 5 Days
  8. WashPort - Prototype built using Raspberry Pi and Python
  9. A Captcha Cracker for Simple Text Based Images, using Python
  10. Beginner to Creating a Game in Python, in less than 5 Days
  11. Python for Tamil Computing
  12. Boosting TensorFlow Performance for Edge Devices

Poster Details

Detailed description of the poster, and information about the speakers are provided below.

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14 AUG 2018

Conference Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the conference, hope this will be helpful to plan your travel and stay.

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11 AUG 2018

Talks Selected for PySangamam 2018

Here’s the list of talks we have finalized for the conference.

  1. Creating Pluggable Web-based Electronic Medical Records using Django and a Rich UI with JS - Challenges
  2. Awesome Command Line Tools
  3. A Gentle Introduction to Effective Parallelism via Computer Vision
  4. Gentle Introduction to GPU Programming using Numba
  5. Scaling Python WSGI Servers in Kubernetes
  6. Experience with Python type hints
  7. Stack frames and Tail call recursion in Python
  8. From ELIZA to Sofia
  9. A Neural Network that can Read your Handwriting - Implementation of Optical Character Recognition using Deep Learning (CNN-N Gram)
  10. Experimental Mathematics with Python and Sage
  11. Comprehensive Study of Distance Metric Learning in Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  12. Building a Psychometric Question Calibration Tool with Python
  13. Pandas - Data Transformational Data Structure Patterns and Challenges
  14. Generators Explained
  15. 3.6 <= Dataclasses >= 3.7
  16. TakeNote: A Portable Note Taker for People with Visual Impairment

Talk Details

Detailed description of the talks, and information about the speakers are provided below.

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24 JUL 2018

Introducing Our Second Keynote Speaker - Rushabh Mehta

PySangamam is glad to introduce our second keynote speaker Rushabh Mehta.

Rushabh Mehta works with a passionate team and community to revolutionize software used by small and medium sized organizations by building a high quality, free and open source ERP called ERPNext. Rushabh is the founder and CEO of Frappe Technologies, the company behind ERPNext. At Frappe Technologies his roles include software development, design, marketing, accounting, testing, vacuuming the floor, taking out the trash or whatever is the bottleneck process.

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22 MAY 2018

Registrations for PySangamam Are Open!

Registrations for PySangamam are now open 🚀

PySangamam is run completely by volunteers and we have tried to keep the prices as affordable as possible. This year’s pricing tiers are as follows:

  • Early Bird (₹ 900*)
    • Registrations starts today.
    • Includes conference entry, lunch and breakfast.
    • Non-refundable.

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21 MAY 2018

Introducing Our First Keynote Speaker - Kiran Jonnalagadda

PySangamam is glad to introduce our first keynote speaker Kiran Jonnalagadda.

Kiran Jonnalagadda has been shipping production software with Python since 1999, but is still confused by basic concepts like closures. He has successfully masked this confusion by delegating work to others and ranting about human rights, thereby producing two organisations, HasGeek and the Internet Freedom Foundation.

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19 MAY 2018

Call for Proposals is open!

The time to put on your thinking hats has come. Call for proposals is now open!

PySangamam would like to invite you to present your ideas and showcase your open source projects. We are looking for talks and posters related to Python and on anything that will be of interest to the Python loving community. We would like to invite talks from a diverse group of people, including:

  • First time conference speakers
  • People who have built interesting things with Python
  • People from other fields who would like to share their expertise with the Python community

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8 MAY 2018

Announcing PySangamam - Tamil Nadu's first Python conference

Vanakkam 🙏

Chennaipy is glad to announce PySangamam, Tamil Nadu’s first Python Conference with support from organizers of other local user groups.

Through PySangamam,

  • We hope to promote the use of the Python programming language.
  • We hope to bring together Python developers in this region, to share ideas and learn from each other.
  • We hope to bring talented local developers to the fore-front, by providing, a platform to present their ideas, and showcase their projects.
  • We hope to bridge the gap between budding developers, and Python experts, by bringing them together, and providing spaces for interaction.

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