Posters Selected for PySangamam 2018

29 AUG 2018

Here’s the list of posters we have finalized for the conference.

  1. WiFi Toy Car using MicroPython and MQTT
  2. Testing Embedded Systems with RobotFramework
  3. Python for Building Embedded Linux Distribution
  4. A Hand Rehabilitation Exercise System for People With Stroke (HandREPS)
  5. Python Real Time Web
  6. Developing Technology for People with Special Needs using Python
  7. How I Learnt Python and went on to Create an Application, in 5 Days
  8. WashPort - Prototype built using Raspberry Pi and Python
  9. A Captcha Cracker for Simple Text Based Images, using Python
  10. Beginner to Creating a Game in Python, in less than 5 Days
  11. Python for Tamil Computing
  12. Boosting TensorFlow Performance for Edge Devices

Poster Details

Detailed description of the poster, and information about the speakers are provided below.

1. WiFi Toy Car using MicroPython and MQTT

This poster is an introduction to IOT using a ESP8266 to hack a toy RC car and transform it into a WiFi car. The following topics will be covered.

  • MQTT and How it Works
  • MicroPython and ESP8266
  • Using ESP8266 to Relay Messages
  • Demo: Hacking the WiFi Toy Car

Speaker: Elisha Robinson.

A software developer with exposure to many different fields, all of them share a common link in Python. I have a passion for all things tech and in my spare time I like to experiment with many different technologies. In this poster, I will be discussing one of my side projects.

2. Testing Embedded Devices with Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a test automation framework built with Python, that is used for primarily for integration testing. At Zilogic Systems we have been using the Robot Framework for testing embedded devices, we would like to share our experiences with Robot Framework through this poster presentation. In this poster, we will show how Robot Framework simplifies the process of developing, implementing and executing integration test cases for embedded devices. We will do this by implementing test cases for WiFi Access Point.

Speakers: Deepan Prakash and Vijay Kumar

Deepan Prakash has 11+ years of experience in software testing & test automation. He has extensive working experience on Functionality Testing - Regression Testing, System Testing, GUI Testing & Integration Testing.

Vijay Kumar is a technologist and trainer specializing in Embedded Systems, Linux and Python. He was instrumental in building the test setup and test cases for a vehicle tracking system, using the Robot Framework, to emulate various interfaces of the device. Complete with GPS simulation, IO simulation and accelerometer simulation.

3. Python for Building Embedded Linux Distribution

Most people are familiar with Python’s role in Machine Learning and even perhaps IoT. But a lesser known fact is that Python based build systems have become the de-facto tools for building Linux based embedded systems. In this poster we will explore the innards of a Linux based embedded systems and the role of Python based frameworks like BitBake and Yocto to build Linux distributions for PC and embedded products.

Speaker: Deepak and Babusubashchandar

Deepak is an Embedded systems and Linux architect who has worked on development of embedded products. Have a 16 years of experience in system design, software development, OS porting, embedded board bring-up and software development process automation.

Babusubashchandar is a technical specialist at Zilogic systems. An Open source and free software enthusiast, embedded software developer, an ardent supporter of arts and science. I have a lot of passion towards learning and teaching trending technologies.

4. A Hand Rehabilitation Exercise System for People With Stroke (HandREPS)

The system consists of an instrumented glove, an instrumented object and an adaptive, interactive virtual reality game. The instrumented glove is equipped with inertial motion sensors (MARG sensors) to calculate finger and wrist joint angles. The instrumented object quantifies hand grasp force using pressure sensing in a pneumatically sealed inflatable toy or ball. The data from the glove and object drive a 2-D game on a computer to provide patient specific rehabilitation exercises. The poster will discuss about the system and analysis of data obtained from the system, using Python.

Speaker: Akhil Mohan

Akhil Mohan is a doctoral candidate in the Biomedical Devices and Technology PhD program, between the three institutions Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM), Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST). His research focuses on the design, development and clinical evaluation of a hand rehabilitation exercise system for monitoring hand function after stroke.

5. Python Real Time Web

You may know about WSGI. It’s very standard specification for web servers. It’s nothing but Request and Response. Traditionally all web frameworks like Django, Flask, Bottle, web2py follow the WSGI protocol but the drawback of this WSGI is it’s not good for the real-time web. So what is the alternative to WSGI?

Here comes ASGI. Wait, what is ASGI? What can we do with ASGI? Is it easy to implement? Is it secure in every way? These and more are answered in this poster presentation.

Speaker: Simon Rajasingh

I’m Raja Simon, Have experience creating web application in Python especially with Django, Flask, and other web related frameworks. Currently working in Visteon as Software Engineer.

6. Developing Technology for People with Special Needs using Python

The poster presentation aims to enlighten how Python has been used to develop technological devices in enriching the lives of people with special needs. Tactograph and vPlay are two such devices which has been built based on this platform.

Tactograph is a tactile printer which uses Python to communicate with the micro-controller to control linear stage. The tactile images helps the visually impaired to learn in early stages of education.

vPlay is a wireless touchpad system which can be used to play games in Python. We have developed a simple ping-pong game which can be played in Python by taking inputs from the hardware unit. People with motor disability can easily adopt this since they are made specifically to meet their requirements.

Python has been used in these products to enable people with disability to adapt to newer technologies. It’s helping people with special needs to lead a better life in terms of education, leisure and so on.

Speaker: Indulakshmi Subramanian

Indulakshmi works at the Enability Foundation for Rehabilitation, a company started by Dr.Anil Prabhakar (Professor, IIT Madras). “Enability Foundation for Rehabilitation” is a not for profit (Section 8) company that focuses on delivering assistive technology solutions to the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society.

The assistive technology solutions created by Enability foundation aims to provide substantial support to access education, communication, employment, daily living, recreation and rehabilitation.

7. How I Learnt Python and went on to Create an Application, in 5 Days

Python is increasingly becoming the introductory computer programming language at schools. Here is a first account from the Ayaan Jamil on his experience in getting started with Python. He will be discussing about:

  1. What Python is All About
  2. Why I Love Python
  3. How I Got Introduced to Python
  4. Creating a Game Application in Python

Speaker: Ayaan Jamil

Ayaan is 11.5 years old and a student of Class 7 @ The PSBB Millennium School, Chennai. His interests include Quizzing, Coding and Tennis (and studying if time permits).

8. WashPort - Prototype built using Raspberry Pi and Python

WashPort is a smart,portable,affordable washing machine which helps to wash the reusable menstrual pads. It is Powered by RaspberryPi, (the brain of the machine apart from washing ) and Python.

I this poster presentation I will be discussing about, how I built a prototype with RaspberryPi and Python. I will have a demo of the same.

Speaker: Devesh Sudhakar Paragiri

Devesh Sudhakar Paragiri is a Class X student of PSBB. He is the co-founder of (incubated @ San Francisco) He is a member of The Junior Academy of Newyork Academy of Sciences (

9. A Captcha Cracker for Simple Text Based Images, using Python

This is an exhibit of my first sophomore year project, a Captcha solving script that recognizes text from images after collecting, cleaning and generating a library. The repository has been hosted on GitHub. Absolutely no concepts of AI/Machine Learning are involved. There will be a step-by-step breakdown of how I thought about the problem, identified some key insights, and then implemented a solution. A live running example will be shown, including some key statistics as well, such as performance.

Speaker: Priyansh Jain

CS Undergrad, at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (Batch of 2020). Passionate developer, with specialization in Python scripting, Backend Web Development, and Blockchain Frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. Presently, hold the positions of Senior Developer at IEEE-Computer Society VIT Vellore Chapter, and Backend Developer at CollegeCODE, a student-created organization that has apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Interned with Skcript ( as a Blockchain Intern during May - July 2018.

10. Beginner to Creating a Game in Python, in less than 5 Days

In this poster presentation, I am going to show how I built a game in Python, called Bounce / Pong. The way to score points in this is game is to ensure that the ball bounces of the paddle. The game was built using Python and Tkinter. I would also like to share my experience of learning Python and building games with it.

Speaker: Rene Balakumar

Rene is studying 10th standard in Smart Minds Academy run by Mr. KK Anand. At first he did not know a thing in the software industry, but now he has worked hard to come here for the 1st Python conference in Tamil Nadu, thanks to his teacher Ms. Bhuvana.

11. Python for Tamil Computing

Tamil computing is made easier with various python libraries and tools. Will explore how a modern computer language, Python is helping for the ancient human language Tamil. The following Tamil computing projects will be presented:

  • Open Tamil Library
  • Ezhil Language
  • Tamil Text to Speech

Speaker: Shrinivasan T

I am founder of and Contributing to Tamil wikipedia and few free open source software. Part of Indian Linux Users group, Chennai.

12. Boosting TensorFlow Performance for Edge Devices

As data becomes increasingly extensive, it becomes important to move your models away from the cloud to where your data is being generated to reduce latency, increase security and save internet bandwidth.

This poster will be about how you can run trained TensorFlow models on Edge devices and how you can use Edge Computing accelerators like the Neural Compute Stick to make your models run even faster.

Speaker: Soham Chatterjee

I have been working in the field of ML for the last year. I am currently working as a Deep Learning Research Engineering Intern at Saama Technologies, where I am using TensorFlow to reduce the time taken for clinical trials and help get patients medicines quickly.

My primary work was with the University of Cambridge. There I used TensorFlow to create a model that can optimize the design of Gallium Nitride circuits. This work was published in one of the world’s largest conferences on Power Electronics - WiPDA I started a student-run cross-disciplinary research lab called Next Tech Lab.