Checklist for attendees

6 SEP 2018

Here is a checklist to help you out with your preparations for the conference. Please read through them carefully.

  • The event dates are 7th and 8th September, Friday and Saturday. Please double check your travel and accommodation.

  • Registration starts at 8:00 AM. It is good to be earlier at the venue, to avoid hassles.

  • Please carry your ticket (soft-copy preferred), for the registration process.

  • Please make sure you have updated the correct T-Shirt size, in your ticket, this is to ensure a smoother registration process. To do this:
    • Visit
    • Sign-up / Login (with the email you used when buying the ticket)
    • Click on “Edit Ticket”
    • Update your T-Shirt Size
  • If you are planning to attend a workshop, please make sure you bring along your laptop, with the necessary pre-requisite installed. Also brush up the fundamentals required for the workshop.

  • If you are planning to do a lightning talk (5 min), please keep your slides ready.

  • Also please be noted that, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the venue.

  • We recommend that you carry a reusable water bottle so that you can keep yourself hydrated during talks.

Reaching the Venue

The venue, IITM IC&SR is right next to the “Gajendra Circle (GC for short)”, an important landmark within IITM. The distance from IITM front gate to GC is pretty huge. If you are booking a cab / auto you might want to drop off at GC, rather than at the IITM front gate. There are IITM buses at regular intervals from the front gate to GC.

Here’s a google maps link to the venue

If you are not familiar with IITM, then entering the campus from the front gate is the easiest way to locate the venue. You can call us at the following phone nos., in case you get stuck.

  • Ayush Maniar: +91 97731 65221
  • Aditya: +91 97405 53227
  • Sumanth Hegde: +91 97404 57567
  • Vijay Kumar: +91 94441 08438

Please be noted that, sufficient car and bike parking is available at the venue (near IC&SR).